Ankama’s Furious Platformer ‘Drag’n’Boom’ Is Now Available

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If you want a fast and furious platformer, then check out the just-released Drag’n’Boom (Free) by Ankama. As we wrote about a few days ago, Drag’n’Boom uses some fun slingshot mechanics to let you slingshot your little dragon around the levels while taking out the many enemies in all kinds of fancy ways. One side of the screen lets you move around by jumping, flying, or charging, and the other side lets you spit fireballs at the many enemies all over the screen. And the game isn’t just about rushing from one end of the level to the other; it’s also about taking out enemies in style, with mid-air combos giving you more gold. I like the way Drag’n’Boom uses slow-motion effects to break the game’s intensity and allow you to pull off crazy stunts.

The game comes with 50 levels to complete in style as well as an endless mode, which is pretty much a no-brainer given the game’s design. The developers have filled the levels with heroes that will remind you of some very familiar arcade and platform games, but I won’t spoil who you’ll encounter. Drag’n’Boom (pretty cool name, too) is out now, it’s free to download, and it has a $1.99 one-time IAP to remove all the ads.

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