‘Final Fantasy’ Returns to ‘Puzzle & Dragons’ Today for a Limited Time

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It’s been some time since Final Fantasy characters visited Puzzle & Dragons (Free), but here they are again. Starting today and until September 24th, you’ll get to enjoy Final Fantasy characters in Puzzle & Dragons for the fourth time in the history of the game. The latest collaboration will bring 28 characters from Final Fantasy, many of whom you’ve seen before in these collaborations but also some new characters such as Balthier, Prompto, Yda, and Reynn & Lann. The collaboration also includes some new Ultimate Evolutions that transform some of the characters into pixel art ones, giving the game a retro feel. In addition to the characters, we are also getting five dungeons, and completing them will give you Pixelit, the “subtly" named material that is essential for evolving characters into their Pixel Ultimate Evolutions.

In addition to the new content, this collaboration will also give players with Rank 50 or higher a random collaboration character from the Rank 50 Final Fantasy Egg Machine, although this offer will only be around for a limited time. While this isn’t the most mind-blowing collaboration ever, I know that those who like the two games enjoy events like this one. You have until September 24th to enjoy the Final Fantasy characters, so get playing.

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