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‘Through the Ages’ First Trailer Shows the Game in Action

Board gamers are getting very excited as the release of the classic Through the Ages draws nearer. Now, we have the first trailer of the game, and it looks good. Through the Ages is a fantastic board game that has you building a civilization by drafting cards. As with every civilization game, you will research technological advancements, great wonders, but also use military might to ensure you make your civilization great. The game spans most of human history: you can start from the pyramids and go all the way to space flight. However, the game is challenging, and you’ll have to learn the ropes first before figuring out how to send your people to space. The good thing is that the mobile version of the game will come with an extensive tutorial, which I’m sure many will need.

The app will come with 3 AI levels, for those who like to play solo, but also online asynchronous multiplayer as well as hot-seat multiplayer. And there will also be different challenges for you to complete. The port looks quite good, and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on this one. The game releases September 14th and will cost $9.99 with no IAPs.