‘Just Cause’ and ‘Hitman Sniper’ Make a Great Couple in Latest Update

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Hitman Sniper ($0.99) continues to be a very entertaining game, and the constant updates with new events and new weapons certainly haven’t hurt the game. It’s actually great to see how well this game has been supported, even though it’s been out for quite a few years. The latest update is one of the most entertaining ones because it blends the seriousness of Hitman Sniper with the craziness that is the Just Cause series. Specifically, this new update allows you to get the Final Argument Rifle for free, and that weapon is a ton of fun. Instead of just letting you shoot people in the head, which is what you do most of the time in Hitman Sniper, this weapon lets you tether enemies to walls, objects, or even other guards, which introduces plenty of silly moments.

And that’s not all. You can even shoot sticky rocket mines on guards and watch them fly all over the place. Stealth it might not be, but it’s definitely hilarious. Add to these special abilities how every object in the game now explodes when shot (because what kind of an action movie would this be if things didn’t explode), and you can see why the new update adds a fun and different way to play the game. The update is live now, and Just Cause-levels of silliness await for you.

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