NEXON’s ‘Fantasy War Tactics-R’ Gets New Content in Nightmare Dungeon Update

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Fantasy War Tactics-R (Free) from NEXON is a free to play hero collecting RPG with various in game modes for all kinds of mobile RPG fans. Gameplay is isometric and grid based with some slick animations. It has gone through quite a bit with a huge update that made it feel fresh and through collaboration events with MapleStory, BlazBlue, and more. Today it has received a big update dubbed the “Nightmare Dungeon Update" with new items, a new dungeon, and exclusive rewards.

This update adds Mary who is a young made who wakes up with a Nightmare personality that is the opposite of her actual persona. The Nightmare Dungeon Challenge Mode lets all players experience the night terrors and break through the nightmares before awakening the heroes. There’s also a Hero’s Mark item that is a reward for finishing the Nightmare Dungeon. Read more about Fantasy War Tactics-R in our forum thread here.

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