Broken Arms Games Unleashes Procedurally Generated Twin Stick Action onto the App Store with ‘Atomine’

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Atomine ($2.99) from Broken Arms Games is a twin stick shooter which has rogue-lite elements. It released on Steam back in May and has finally made its way to the App Store at a lower price point. The aim is to clear a level and destroy all enemies to unlock a portal to the next one. Drops include XP, energy, or weapons. Atomine has an actual story that takes place in a virtual world where STUXNET is a computer worm that spreads via Windows. Atomine is a virus that needs to grow stronger and compile itself into the target source code. Check out the Steam launch trailer below:

Gameplay is fast and you can tweak weapons through modules that allow fire rate, type of bullet, and more modifications. Gameplay and difficulty changes when the system detects an intrusion and if you aren’t able to hijack the counter hacking program, things get tougher. This of course is all complemented by each run being procedurally generated. Check out our forum thread for Atomine here.


    Atomine is a twin stick procedural shooter rogue-lite set in a virtual world with minimalist design, where the player re…
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