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Twin-Stick Shooter ‘Atomine’ Coming to Mobile September 7th

Twin-stick shooters are among our favorite games here at TouchArcade towers, and the upcoming Atomine seems to be a fun addition to the genre. Atomine is a procedural twin-stick shooter with roguelike elements and really cool minimalist art. It even has a cool story: you get to play through the events of STUXNET, the first weapon-grade virus said to be responsible for damaging Iran’s nuclear program and officially shedding light on the way computer viruses can be used as weapons that can damage more than just computer hard drives. Now, don’t expect the STUXNET part of the game to be anything but an excuse for plenty of shooting across a variety of levels, but it’s always fun when developers ground games in some sort of a narrative.

Atomine‘s gameplay is pretty simple. You have to clear levels from all enemies so that you can get through a portal and proceed to the next level. And every enemy you take out drops all kinds of goodies like XP and weapon modules. You’ll be using those modules to modify your weapons and, therefore, your play style. With over 100 modules, Atomine should give you plenty of ways to customize your virus. The games has a few little twists to the formula, like quicktime events to counter hacking attempts. Atomine has positive reviews on Steam, which is always a good sign. If the port and the controls are done well, Atomine should be a fun one. The game will release September 7th and will cost $2.99.