‘Minecraft’ Marketplace Creators Have Made Over 1 Million Dollars Collectively

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I know the relatively new Minecraft ($6.99) Marketplace hasn’t been lauded by everyone, but it seems like it’s been a great success for those creators who’ve been selling content in Mojang’s new store. Specifically, Mojang announced today that the community partners in the store have collectively made over 1 million dollars selling skins, maps, adventures, and texture packs. That’s a pretty good bundle of money given that there are only 12 creators currently selling their wares on the store. And judging from the wording, that 1 million is after Apple’s 30% cut, so not bad at all. While it’s hard to judge how many players have actually been buying content—given just how popular the mobile version is—I’m pretty sure there are enough buyers to create a steady stream of income for the creators.

I know many players have objected to the idea of paying for something that you can get for free on PCs in the form of mods, but I personally don’t object to someone getting paid for creating something, especially when it doesn’t seem like anyone is taking advantage of those content creators. Having a steady income stream from the Marketplace should allow these creators to come up with even better content, which I’m all for. Have you bought anything yet?

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