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‘Tiny Bubbles’ Is a Puzzle Game That’s Way More in Depth Than We Were Expecting at PAX

We first posted about Tiny Bubbles early last month, and I think it was easy to be skeptical about the game, particularly on mobile where it feels like there’s every iteration of color matching games has been explored ten times over. Well, after watching a demo of the many different puzzle types found in Tiny Bubbles, I found myself blown away with the level of depth such a seemingly simple color matching and bubble popping game has. Check out our video:

Considering the number of awards Tiny Bubbles has won, it’s not much of a surprise that it turned out this way. It really seems like the game has a winning combination of a clever physics mechanic, color mixing (and matching), and challenges that grow over time as each new set of puzzles throws more twists your way. Tiny Bubbles definitely went from a game that originally I was like, “Oh cool, a matching game" to one of the titles from PAX I’m most excited to play when it finally comes out.

Definitely a pleasant surprise.