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‘Extra Color’ is a Frantic Color-Based Arcade Game We Saw at PAX West

While Digital Melody was busy showing us many of their upcoming mobile games here at PAX West, they also wanted to take the time to show off a game from one of the developer’s brothers and it’s a clever enough concept we felt it was worth sharing. The game is called Extra Color and it’s a single-tap arcade game that has you tapping the screen to alternate the color of the diamond in the center so that it matches the colors of the lines moving towards it. If the diamond doesn’t match the line when they come into contact, it’s game over. The neat twist here is that you can rack up extra points by alternating the colors while waiting for the lines to come into contact with the diamond, so there’s a risk/reward factor in play. Do you leave the diamond the correct color and wait for the line to approach to ensure your game keeps going, or do you frantically switch colors as much as you can and hope to stop on the right color before contact is made?

Extra Color definitely gave me a bit of a Super Hexagon vibe with how frantic it can get as you’re trying to rack up points while still trying to stay on the correct color. It’s also a really stylish game and I’m always a fan of games you can play with just one hand. As mentioned it’s not clear if this one will be put out by Digital Melody or not but we’ll keep an eye on Extra Color and will let you know when its launch plans are set.