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‘Ant Hunt’, a Colorful Creepy-Crawly Hidden Object Game, Is Looking for Beta Testers on Our Forums

With the amount of money being put in bombastic triple-A games resulting in some truly thrilling experiences with as many explosions as a typical Michael Bay film, it’s nice to have a title that is a bit kinder to the senses. The hidden object genre is one in particular that fulfils my relaxing needs, and releases like Hidden Folks ($3.99) have only emphasised their qualities on mobile devices. The upcoming Ant Hunt, from developer Paco Labs, has its own approach to the hidden object formula, as you have to locate specified colored creatures amidst a cacophony of other insects and bizarre yet realistic ant behaviour. The early preview assets of Ant Hunt underline its status as a labor of love from a fledgling indie developer, and with a penned release date of October 6th on the horizon, Paco Labs are looking for beta testers to try out the title on our forums.

While Ant Hunt’s core concept is incredible simple, it’s this accessibility combined with the depth of content and sheer amount of insects present that make the game one that could appeal to numerous different demographics. I’m most impressed by the unique behaviour of the animals, with flies buzzing around in an erratic fashion and tarantulas moving with a slow and calculated swagger. Ant Hunt could even serve an educational purpose, and it’s clear that a lot of thought has gone into every aspect of the title. With forty levels in the main single-player mode, a multiplayer option and a daily challenge mode to contest with, Ant Hunt should be another solid entry in the hidden object and puzzle gaming genres on the App Store – or at the very least, a brief distraction before Ant-Man 2 lands next year. Look out for Ant Hunt on the App Store on October 6th, and sign up for our exclusive beta test on the game’s forum thread.