The ‘Minecraft’ Marketplace Now Has Ninjas, Samurai, and Floating Islands

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Minecraft‘s ($6.99) Marketplace continues to expand at a steady monthly pace, and today we got some more fun content. The first one is Lapis Lagoon, a water park world that’s perfect for when the weather is boiling outside (like today, for example). This Imagiverse map has some fun ideas, and I especially like all the water racing and, of course, the huge dragon. We also got Isles of Aeria by Polymaps, a chain of floating islands with all kinds of different biomes. Floating islands have always been a player favorite, especially when we briefly thought we were getting a sky dimension. And floating islands are great for using the elytra wings and pretending you’re a bird.

If you’re more into survival spawns, Noxcrew’s most recent one is called Ninjas Vs Samurai and is precisely that. There are Ninja temples, Samurai strongholds, and, of course, plenty of sword fighting. The Marketplace also got a huge castle in Whiterock Castle spawn, and the Abstraction Vector, a new map that breaks the usual Minecraft geometry into abstract shards and beams. It’s really unusual and definitely challenging to navigate. If you’ve been looking for more content to play around with, maybe one of these maps will do. I’m thinking of checking out those floating islands since I’m one of those players who just can’t get enough of that.

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