‘Angry Birds Match’ Is Out, and It’s Exactly What You’d Expect

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To be honest, I’m surprised it took Rovio this long to come out with a Match-3 version of Angry Birds, but now the universe is finally back into balance as Angry Birds Match (Free) has hit App Stores all over the world. In the game the Hatchlings, from the Angry Birds Movie, along with The Blues, are preparing for a big celebration, but the pigs will once more try to ruin everything. I think we need to look deeper into the psyche of those pigs because they do seem to want to just watch the world burn for no reason. The game will have you matching things, collecting things, using things, and, overall, doing things. You can call in the usual avian suspects—Red, Chuck, and Bomb—for help when the matching gets hard, which is probably going to be quite often given that the game is free to play.

I really am surprised that we didn’t get a match-3 version of Angry Birds all these years, and I do wonder if Angry Birds Match is hitting the App Store too late. I’m sure it will get people playing, since those birds are still popular and the movie has definitely helped remind people of that, but I’m not sure it will hit the numbers it could have a few years ago. If you want another match 3 game and you like those birds, give Angry Birds Match a shot.

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