iOS Classic ‘Infinity Blade’ Gets 64-Bit and Modern Screen Size Support

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Infinity Blade ($5.99) from Epic Games has been updated for the first time in over 5 years today. If you somehow aren’t aware of this classic iOS release, read Eli’s review of it from a long time ago here. We’ve seen Infinity Blade get two great sequels and the first entry is easily a classic for mobile gaming in general. Epic Games surprised everyone with an unannounced update that just hit bringing Infinity Blade to version 1.4.2. Just for a blast from the past, watch the original debut trailer for it below:

The release notes mention bonus content that includes the Deathless Kings and Arena expansion packs but the real highlight is support for modern screens. Infinity Blade now fully supports the iPhone 7, iPad Pro, iPad mini 4, and iPod Touch 6. This 64-bit update will allow it to survive the apocalypse that draws near. I’m looking forward to more surprise updates like this as we inch closer to iOS 11’s release in September.

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