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In ‘The Walking Dead: Our World’ You Fight Zombies in Augmented Reality

I think it’s fair to say that the App Store has been fighting against The Walking Dead zombies in all kinds of games, but the upcoming The Walking Dead: Our World will be adding something to the zombie formula that we haven’t seen before in a game based on the hit franchise, and that’s augmented reality. Because, you know, the real world is not scary enough, so we definitely need some zombies walking around in our neighborhoods. While we don’t have too much information on the game—and, as Pokemon GO has taught us, trailers aren’t always good indicators of mechanics—we do know that the game will let you fight walkers in all kinds of real-life locations (including your house).

And you won’t be doing it alone; no, you’ll have characters from the show helping you survive the apocalypse since, as most of your friends probably know, you would be toast once the walkers hit the streets. The trailer does show players using different kinds of weapons to take out walkers and even hints at players taking them out together. But, again, trailers are made to sell games, not represent them faithfully. Maybe we’ll have a crossover with Pokemon GO, and you’ll have to save Pikachu from becoming breakfast. What do you think the game will play like, and how would you want it to be?