‘C.A.T.S’ Gets Gang Battles, Now It’s 3 Against 3 Cats

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C.A.T.S.: Crash Arena Turbo Stars (Free) has been doing quite well since it came out, with 60 million downloads, 3 trillion cats destroyed, and, more importantly, 0 actual cats harmed. Now, CATS is about to get even bigger with an update that adds new weapons and introduces Gang Battles, or Guild Battles if you prefer (although everyone knows cats come in gangs). Gang Battles are all about a new 3 vs 3 mode, where you can put 3 of your vehicles against 3 vehicles of another player in a battle for total domination. The player who ends up with at least one vehicle that isn’t a total wreck wins, and the trophies she wins are added with the others to form a gang rating. Gang Battles are live for three days, at the end of which you get your rewards and then the whole battle starts anew.

If you haven’t yet played CATS, know that it’s a very entertaining game that’s all about putting cute cats in peculiar vehicles and having them fight it out. The fun part is you get to make bets on who’s going to win, so if you’re a betting person, you’ll definitely enjoy CATS. And if you like cats, well, it goes without saying that you’ll enjoy the art. Hop over to our forum thread to talk to similar-minded cat lovers (or just ones who like mayhem and fur flying all over the place), and enjoy the new battle mode and new weapons.

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