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‘Guns Royale’, the Mobile ‘PUBG’, Looks Fun in Augmented Reality

As I’ve talked about in a few recent stories, I’m quite excited for what augmented reality and Apple’s ARKit can do for iOS gaming, and this video from the upcoming Guns Royale: Blocky Battlegrounds is another fun example. Guns Royale is trying to be a top-down take on the extremely popular PC game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and your purpose in the game is to kill everyone else in a battle-royale style clash. The AR video below shows the game being played on an actual table, and it looks really fun. I really like the idea of being able to spectate in AR, and I think the new AR capabilities of the iPhone 8 (or iPhone Pro) and iOS 11 will lead to some fun ideas like the one we see below. Imagine what developers can do when they actually put effort and resources into producing something more than just tech demos.

As for Guns Royale, the game is still under development, and the developers have been running short beta tests, so make sure you head over to our Upcoming Games forum thread to sign up. I think the game has loads of potential to be a fun battle royale iOS game. The developers have been very good at listening to player feedback, so head over to our forums and help make Guns Royale the best it can be.