Apple to Reveal iPhone 8 on Tuesday, September 12th

Per CNBC this morning, Apple will reveal the iPhone 8 on Tuesday, September 12th. If you were paying attention, this is exactly what the rumor mill predicted last week. Additionally, based on historical data of iPhone announcements and subsequent releases, it’s very likely that we’ll then have the iPhone 8 in our hands on September 22nd.

If you’ve missed out on any of the details on what the iPhone 8 is rumored to include, our sister site, MacRumors, has a fantastic roundup detailing all that and more. Cliffsnotes basically amounts to we’re thinking there’s going to be an edge to edge screen, wireless charging, dual cameras, and the iPhone 8 is dropping the home button for some solution that has yet to be revealed. Of course, the new iPhone will be faster, and is rumored to have a maximum storage capacity of 512GB which is pretty wild for a phone.