New Information About the Future 5 vs 5 Mode of ‘Vainglory’

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There has been tremendous progression with the development of Vainglory (Free) ever since its official release back in late 2014. Super Evil Megacorp has consistently added new heroes, events, skins, game-modes, and a Talent system to the game. There is more content for players to enjoy than ever and there is still the release of a 5 vs 5 game-mode looming on the horizon.

Super Evil Megacorp recently released a video that contains more information about this much-anticipated addition to Vainglory. Fortunately, the video displays more footage showing off the new game-mode in action. It also answers a few important questions that have been asked by the Vainglory community.

In a nutshell, Super Evil Megacorp wants to emphasize hero mobility, impactful jungle-play, and diverse objectives for the early, mid, and late-game within its 5 vs 5 game-mode. They also want to maintain a horizontal layout for the 5 vs 5 map and fully advertise Vainglory’s 5 vs 5 game-mode upon its official release. Super Evil Megacorp plans on providing players with more details through developer update videos in the future. We will definitely keep you guys informed when any further information is released!

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