Fantastic ‘To the Moon’ Getting an Update and a Price Drop

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To the Moon ($4.99) is a lovely experience with great music and story, and you’ll be glad to know that there’s an update coming out next week that’s going to add some fun features. And the update will be accompanied by a 40% price drop, so what’s not to like? The update will add the Music Box feature, which will allow you to play the music from the game’s soundtrack even when you close the game, which is a fun idea given how lovely that music is. And if you really like those music pieces, you’ll be able to go and grab them directly from iTunes. In addition to the Music Box, the update will add a QR code sharing that allows players to get to a saving point simply by scanning the QR code on the art work.

Finally, the update is adding iOS stickers with the characters from the game, and although not many care about iOS stickers, these ones are really cute. Once the update hits, To the Moon will drop to almost half price, so if you haven’t already picked up this gem, make sure you remedy that next week. If you aren’t sure whether the game’s worth your time, check out Shaun’s review.


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