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‘Batman: The Enemy Within’ from Telltale Games Releases on September 26 for iOS

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Telltale Games finally announced the release date for Batman: The Enemy Within for both iOS and Android devices at Gamescom. Episode one has already been available on consoles and PC but we had been told to wait for a later date on the App Store front. Today they have revealed that both episode one and two will be releasing at the same time on iOS and Android. The Enemy Within is season 2 in Batman’s Telltale adventures and it will have 5 episodes in total. Watch the trailer for it below:

They haven’t announced pricing for it yet but it is safe to assume that the first episode will be $4.99 with a season pass and individual episodes priced similar to Batman: The Telltale Series (Free) that is already out in its entirety on iOS. Batman: The Enemy Within features an all star voice cast lineup as well with the likes of Troy Baker as Bruce Wayne. If you need to catch up on season 1 before jumping into The Enemy Within, get Batman – The Telltale Series (Free) on the App Store now.

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