‘Little Red Lie’, a Critically Acclaimed Narrative Adventure All About Lying, Arrives on Mobile

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Last month developer Will O’Neill, most widely known for his 2014 narrative adventure Actual Sunlight which dealt with depression and suicide, released his newest game on Steam, another narrative adventure that deals with heavy topics called Little Red Lie. The story revolves around two very different characters and, as the name implies, the game replaces all the traditional forms of interaction in an adventure game and instead asks you to do one very simple thing: Lie your ass off. Following its well-received launch on desktop, today Little Red Lie ($4.99) has also launched in the App Store.

On one end you’ll play as Sarah, a Millennial who does everything you’re “supposed" to do by doing well in school and finishing college with the promise of a well-paying career when it’s all said and done. Instead, she finds the job market stagnant and economy in poor shape which causes her to move back in with her parents until she can figure out what to do next. On the other end you’ll play as Arthur Fox, a Baby Boomer who is incredibly wealthy already but is always looking for ways to increase his wealth and collection of expensive possessions.

In the case of both characters, the lies you choose to tell, when you tell them, and who you tell them to can help shape their lives and the ultimate outcome of the game. Being mostly narrative driven, Little Red Lie delves into the tough topics of economic inequality and how different the opportunities are between generations. The game is auite well-received on Steam and has garnered a lot of acclaim from critics since its desktop release last month. iOS seems like a good fit for this type of game, so if you’re interested in an adventure with heavy social commentary and lots of lying, give Little Red Lie a shot and check out the discussion in our forums.

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