‘Clash Royale’ Welcomes Super Popular 2v2 Mode Back Permanently with Two Free Chests

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It was just a matter of time. Clash Royale (Free) is one of the world’s most popular collectible-card games, and certainly the biggest lane-based battler to date. Supercell, the makers of the game, experimented with a temporary 2v2 mode where you can join together with a friend, clan mate, or totally random person to take on a different duo. Matchmaking is done based on average level and these duels have been a big hit with players. Supercell got a lot of mileage by hyping up the summer of 2v2, where duos could duel for the entire month of July, but have finally bowed to the inevitable and 2v2 is here to stay.

That’s not all, though. To celebrate permanent 2v2 players can claim two free magical chests in the shop. There’s a “2v2 is Back" section where you can grab your free loot between now and very early on August 25th (3 AM EDT). So head into the game to get your chests and then over to our forum page to chat about the game.

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