‘Hearthstone’ Fireside Gatherings New Features Are Live

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A few weeks back Blizzard announced that it was going to make Hearthstone‘s (Free) Fireside Gatherings much cooler and easier to organize, and those improvements are going live as we speak (or read, or write, you know). Fireside Gatherings will now have Fireside Brawls, one-month long Brawls that will run alongside normal Tavern Brawls but will have no off days and will only be available for Fireside Gatherings. August’s Fireside Brawl is A Frozen Recipe where players pick a pre-constructed deck built around a Death Knight card and filled with Frozen Throne cards (you can see all the decks here). Fireside Brawls will give people more reasons to actually get together and play rather than just doing it so they can play face-to-face.

In addition to having Brawls, Fireside Gatherings are now much easier to organize. The Innkeepers (Gathering organizers) can give their Tavern a unique name and even design a Tavern sign, and both of those persist. And Gatherings will now use GPS to figure out who’s around. Finally, Blizzard is also giving Innkeepers all kinds of templates to let them create announcements, quests, tournaments, and so on. Great stuff. If you want to find a Fireside Gathering to join, head over here. Or, perhaps, it’s time to start your own.

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