‘Hearthstone’ ‘Choose Your Champion’ Is Back, Free Packs If You Bet Right

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For the last few tournaments, Hearthstone (Free) has been giving away packs to those who pick a winning champion, and now it’s time for another round of Choose Your Champion, this time for the Hearthstone Global Games Finals 2017. There are only four teams left in the competition—Ukraine, South Korea, USA, and the Czech Republic—so you have pretty good chances of grabbing free packs. The way Choose Your Champion works is you pick one of the four finalist as your champion (you can’t switch once you confirm your choice, so pick wisely), and then the more wins your champion gets, the more packs you earn. Pretty easy, isn’t it?

You have until August 23 to pick your champion, so don’t wait too long. You’ll get one pack just for choosing a team, and if you do manage to do well, you’ll get another Frozen Throne card pack. The tournament will take place on August 25th, and you’ll get any packs after the tournament is over. If you’re ready to pick your champion, head on over here.

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