Beautiful Card Game ‘Frost’ Has Released Its Free Final ‘Revolution Edition’ Content Update

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Frost ($3.99) is a deck-building card game that is all about surviving against impossible odds in a treacherous environment where any misstep can be your last. It is cold. It is bleak. It is fantastic. You play as the leader of a small band of survivors looking to outrun the Frost — a killer blizzard — and make it to the Refuge, the one place where one can find a modicum of safety from the storm. The entire game is designed to support Frost’s narrative and theme, from the chilling music and spot-on sound effects to the whitewashed artwork full of chilly blues, grays, and whites.

The game is made by an indie developer who has kept the content coming via a number of large updates since the game’s launch last October. An update yesterday brings the ‘Revolution Edition’ to the game. It’s free and introduces yet another scenario, titled ‘The Author’, to play through. There’s also a new mechanic in Terror cards, which are a new type of fatigue card. If you end up with three in your hand at any one time, the horror of the world becomes too much, and you lose the game. According to the developer, this will be the last content update for Frost. It’s a great and beautiful game, and a lot of fun to play. I recommend any card game fans grab this one if you’ve not played it yet. As always, check out our forums page for more on the game.

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