Telltale Games is Having a Big Sale on Most of their Games, Including Season Passes

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Friends, Telltale’s games are a bit like Pringles potato chips: once you consume one, you immediately hunger for more, devouring another and another until you ralph all over Jared’s brand new loafers. Or something. Look, we’re not here to talk about the TouchArcade Staff Beach Party. No, we’re here for something everyone can enjoy, without that nasty sand-in-your-suit after-party. It’s time to talk sales. Discounts. Price plunges. Budget relief. Take your pick of terms, but be careful. Clementine will remember that. Anyway, those fearless purveyors of story-based games Telltale are running a pretty sweet sale on just about every game they offer. It’s a good time to load up on the ones you’re missing.

The nice thing is that Telltale has updated most of their line-up with 64-bit compatibility, so you can buy without fear of that particular bugbear. This sale includes some of their oldies that were sold episode-by-episode like Monkey Island Tales, Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space, and Jurassic Park, but it also features some keen discounts on full season passes on their more recent games like Walking Dead: The Game, Minecraft: Story Mode, and Batman – The Telltale Series. Yes, some of these run about as well on mobile as Bayonetta did on the PlayStation 3 (read: not very well at all), but if nothing else you’re at least getting them for cheap. Some of the older games like Monkey Island appear to have some serious problems, so you might want to test if they work before you go all in on an entire series.

The full list of games on sale follows:

Woof, that is a whole lot of choices for some seriously low prices. Now, like I said, these are all 64-bit ready, so that’s not a worry. I would be very careful about Monkey Island as there are lot of reviews that say it’s broken, and if I remember right, Batman really doesn’t run well on mobile devices of any sort. Still, it’s up to you. At these prices you can afford to take a few chances, right?

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