New iOS Games On Our Forums: ‘Piece Out’, ‘Portal Walk’, ‘Technobabylon’, and Tons More

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I’m posting this a bit earlier in the day than I usually do, as I’ve got a funeral to go to this morning… So it’s possible we’re missing a few bigger games which typically pop up a bit later in the morning on Wednesday. So, to catch those stragglers before we post our full roundup this evening, definitely keep an eye on our forums where games typically get posted quickly after they appear on the App Store. On a more positive note, today is National Bratwurst Day, which I’ll totally be celebrating this evening by grilling some brats with Giardiniera in them, which our local grocery store makes in house. They’re the bees knees.

As usual, here’s all the new games that have been posted to our forums recently:

Stay tuned for our full roundup of new releases later this evening.

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