‘Pokemon Go’ Gets a New Exclusive Raid Battle with Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo

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The newest Legendary Pokemon to get a raid in Pokemon GO (Free) is none other than Mewtwo. A stadium event in Yokohama, Japan just had thousands of trainers square off against Mewtwo in a raid battle leading to a successful capture. Unlike normal battles, raids are serious business. The Mewtwo raid will be an Exclusive Raid Battle which means they are invite only. To get an invitation for this, you need to have done a raid recently at a gym where said exclusive raid battle is about to take place.

There will be enough time given in the invitation and Mewtwo will be the first Pokemon available in the Exclusive Raid Battles. These will take place over the next few weeks. The team at Niantic and The Pokemon Company are also celebrating the thousands of raids with another chance for trainers to get Articuno, Zapdos, Molters, and Lugia from August 14th until August 31st. As always, here’s the forum thread for Pokemon GO. Hopefully this Exclusive Raid ends up well unlike the Pokemon GO Fest in Chicago.

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