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Audio Adventure Game ‘The Girl Who Sold the World’ Launching Tomorrow

As we wrote about a few months back, The Girl Who Sold the World aims to provide a complete gaming experience based only on audio and without any visuals, and tomorrow you’ll get to try the game yourselves. The game has you using a device called Skyler to help Frances survive the strange world she inhabits and discover the truth about who she really is. She has lost her memory and everything else, and she depends on you to help her overcome her fears and all the obstacles she’ll face. As the developers point out, since an audio game forces players to use their imagination to fill in all the blanks, every player will have a slightly different experience with TGWSTW.

The game is split in 7 chapters, with each one releasing every few weeks. Each chapter is split into shorter adventures, and your decisions will shape the game’s plot. The game will launch tomorrow, August 15th, and while it’s normally going to be $2.99, the game will be free until August 18th. In the meantime, check out our forum thread for more.