‘Death Road to Canada’ Getting Big Update With New Lighting System and More on August 24th

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The fantastic Death Road to Canada ($14.99) continues to get better. On August 24th, the game will receive another big update that brings on all kinds of new and improved systems. The most important one is a new lighting system that makes nights darker. To counter this new dark veil, players start each game with a couple of flashlights in the trunk. And, of course, fire and other similar sources can provide light for all those lonely, terrifying nights on the road. Fire is also seeing some major changes. It now does a lot more damage, but it doesn’t spread between zombies or from zombies to human, although fire patches set zombies on fire more easily. Another interesting change is the ability to barricade doors by putting furniture near it, but that furniture will slowly get pushed away. You can even barricade doors with your body, if you’re that desperate.

The update will also add all kinds of new recruitable characters, traders, and locations (farm, dark mansion, haunted mansion, etc). And, of course, there are also a bunch of new weapons being added, from the simple (hot poker) to the futuristic (mazer beam) and anything in between. Not even sure I even want to know what a Gigamann’s Ball Guster does (or maybe I do). There are also many cosmetic changes, tweaks, and fixes, so as you can see, this is definitely a huge update. The update will go live on August 24th and will come with a price hike, so grab the game now if you don’t have it already. And in the meantime, visit our forum thread for tips and tricks.

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