‘MineCon’ Transforming Into Interactive Livestream and Community Events

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How time flies. We’ve been having MineCons, the official convention of Minecraft ($6.99), since 2010, and the convention has been growing year by year. However, as Mojang and Microsoft announced today, MineCon has become something that doesn’t really represent the Minecraft community anymore, so it will be changing quite dramatically. As the developers pointed out, Minecraft is about inclusivity and creativity, but MineCon had become expensive and exclusive, since only a tiny portion of the community could attend. The new MineCon will consist of two main events, MineCon Earth and official Minecraft community events.

MineCon Earth will be a global interactive livestream event broadcasting out of two continents on November 18th at 12 PM EST. It will be 90-minutes long and will feature a lot of the content you’d expect from a MineCon, but it will engage the whole community. The Minecraft events will be the product of cooperation with Minefaire, MineVention, and BLOCKFEST and will allow players to meet their favorite personalities, compete in tournaments and costume contests, and much more. More details about these events will be revealed in the near future. What do you think about this changes?

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