‘Knights of the Frozen Throne’ ‘Hearthstone’ Update Is Live, Lays the Ground for the Expansion

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Hearthstone‘s (Free) Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion is almost here, and Blizzard is making sure everyone is ready for it with the release of the latest 9.0 update that adds all the new cards to the Collection and changes Arena rewards. Specifically, the new update allows you to see all the new cards in your Collection once you switch to Crafting. It’s a great way to see all the cards you won’t manage to actually collect. Additionally, Arena rewards have been changed to reduce variance in the Arena. Reward bags will now no longer contain single, non-Golden Common cards. Additionally, the first two sets of cards you’ll see in the drafts will more likely be pushing synergies. The update has also nerfed poor Dreadsteed; it will now return back to the board at the end of the turn instead of the moment it’s destroyed.

The update has also added new cardbacks, fixed the usual bugs, and in general prepared the ground for the arrival of the expansion. Only a few days until Knights of the Frozen Throne officially goes live on August 10th, so make sure you get the pre-order deal before that day if you were planning on grabbing it. The update is live now, so go check out those sweet new cards.

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