‘Demise of Nations’ Lets You Conquer the World on Your Mobile Device

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Age of Conquest IV (Free), by Noble Master LLC, is one of my very favorite conquer-the-world type games for my iPad. It scratches that Civilization and Rome: Total War itch without requiring hours and hours of play time. The game’s AI is challenging and there’s also a very well done multiplayer mode where you can set all manner of options, including the length of time to complete a turn. Age of Conquest IV also has one of the best freemium models I’ve seen—the game is free-to-play with optional in-app purchases to unlock additional maps and multiplayer cosmetics.

Noble Master has released a new game, Demise of Nations (Free), and I have to say it looks just as good. Demise of Nations is another conquer-all-the-things turn-based strategy game. Your goal is to become the most powerful nation in the world through economics, nation building, diplomacy, and of course outright warfare. There are a whole slew of resources to gather and trade and military units to assemble and train. Demise of Nations features an expansive single-player mode where it’s you against the rest of the world, played by a more-than competent AI, as well as a multiplayer mode where you can compete or cooperate.

Demise of Nations can be played on maps ranging from the rise of Rome to the fictional fall of modern civilization and as pretty much any country in any era therein. Like Age of Conquest before it, Demise of Nations is open to modding and users can create and share their own content. The game is free to play on the Medieval Europe map with in-app purchases to unlock additional maps. Multiplayer games can be joined for free but cost 5 in-game coins to create. You obtain 5 coins a day just by logging in and can win coins in tournaments or buy more (at a penny each) if you want to start more than one game per day.

There’s a lot to like about Demise of Nations—the variety of maps, nations, and eras as well as potential for great solo and multiplayer fun are foremost in my mind. I also love when developers find fair and respectful ways to monetize a free-to-play title. I’m looking forward to diving in much deeper and seeing what this game has to offer, and in the meantime if you want to discuss this one you can do so in our forums.

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