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Become a Restaurateur and Master Foodie in ‘Chef Wars,’ Coming Soon

It will soon be time to do battle…in the kitchen. Chef Wars is an upcoming food-discovery RPG by Mindcake Games where you compete against other players to attract top talent, find the best ingredients, and create hundreds of new and real-life recipes. Games will have a theme and you pick the recipe you feel best fits the theme and are then stacked up against your rivals by a team of 11 judges—each with unique tastes, preferences, criteria and personalities—who render a score. The winner grows their cash and prestige in the foodie world. A big part of the game will happen behind the scenes, before the judged competitions, and hard work there will bring home the bacon…or filet mignon.

The game will feature over 500 European and Asian cities and towns and you can explore the world to your hearts content while whipping up delectable dishes. Traveling is key to success, in fact, as each locale has their own market and specialty ingredients. Chef Wars will also have a single-player story mode along with missions tied to each individual chef you can recruit.

Chef Wars is deep into development and are hoping to launch within a couple months. Once out, Mindcake Games intends to update the game with new chefs, recipes, missions, and locations every month. It sounds like a fun and intriguing restaurant simulation/RPG and Mindcake will also be running a beta this month. You can head to our forums to find out how to get in on it.