PikPok Coming Soon Page Teases an Upcoming Thriller

Games publisher PikPok just released an intriguing bit of marketing, a teaser for an upcoming game. It’s a web page with an long range transceiver. When pressed, the buttons play a short audio clip. Number two, for example, is a woman saying, “I think we’ll be ok here, they all seem really nice." Sure lady, then why is the music so freaking creepy? Number 8 is a man advising anyone listening to, “Stay inside, lock all doors and windows, do not be concerned." Look, people, have you never seen a horror flick, get the heck out of there!

But they don’t, apparently, and things will get worse and quick. With number 3 the woman returns, “I don’t have a good feeling about this, something’s wrong." Well, yeah. Get the heck out of there! Number 4 is a scared little girl asking after her missing father and 6 is about people being burned alive. The * and # hint very strongly a religious cult is involved.

This is a very cool teaser, and the kind of thing you usually see for movies. The voice acting is quite good and the aforementioned music gives me the chills. Clearly we’re looking a game out of the suspense/horror camp, maybe with an apocalyptic feel. If you want to know more you can plug your email into the site and subscribe to find out more.