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‘Nexoman,’ Out Next Week, Looks to Become the GoBots to ‘Pokémon Go’s’ Transformers

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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, or so they say. Pokémon Go (Free) must feel very flattered these days. We have another contender for the capture and collect a bunch of creatures genre taking the field soon. Nexoman is hitting the App Store on August 10th and will have you exploring a large game world full of over 300 monsters to combat, capture, train, and evolve. Lime Turtle Inc, the makers of the game, have been hard at work on the game for over two years and after a successful beta are ready to launch.

Lime Turtle is the team behind Micromon ($0.99) , another popular monster capture-and-collect game, so they’ve got some experience under their belts for this type of game. Unlike Micromon, Nexoman looks to be a premium game and will be priced at $3.

If you enjoy Pokémon Go and games like it Nexoman might be worth a look, and you don’t have long to wait to take that look. Head over to our forums to track this one and get gameplay impressions once it releases.

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