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‘Top Gear Road Trip’ Is a…Racing Match-Three Game, Coming August 17th

Top Gear is a pretty big TV show with a pretty big following, even though the last couple of years it’s undergone some pretty major revisions. Since this is a show all about cars and racing competitions, what better way to bring the show to life as a mobile game than in the form of a match-3 game called Top Gear Road Trip? This upcoming game tries to blend match-3 mechanics with racing minigames and challenges, and is heavily inspired by silly moments from the show. And, since this is Top Gear, there’s a lot of competition going on, either with yourself or with others.

It is kind of amazing how match-3 mechanics have been employed in pretty much any franchise you can think of, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Top Gear Road Trip won’t be a fun game. If you like the show and you enjoy match-3 mechanics, Top Gear Road Trip might be one to check out. The developers are hoping to turn this match-3 game into a “midcore" title, so perhaps there will be more going on in Top Gear Road Trip than one would expect after all. The game is releasing August 17th, so not too long before we find out how well the Top Gear formula works when turned into a match-3 game.