Tinytouchtales’ ‘Miracle Merchant’ Just Hit the App Store

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These days it doesn’t seem like there’s that many developers left that you can just blindly purchase everything they release on the App Store without a second thought and have a game you’ll love, but for me, Tinytouchtales still is posted up inside of that exclusive camp. I absolutely couldn’t get enough of Card Crawl (Free), have killed my iPhone’s battery multiple times playing Card Thief (Free) and now can’t wait to see just how sucked into the just-released Miracle Merchant (Free).

Get a load of the game’s trailer:

Miracle Merchant is another solitaire-style card game, but this time around you’re dealing with fantastical cards that get combined to brew potions. I’ve only just gotten into the game myself, and so far it’s oozing with all the same charm as Tinytouchtale’s other titles. The forum thread is filling up with folks who beta tested the game that are anxious to talk about how much they enjoy it as well.

If you’ve never played any of Tinytouchtale’s stuff yet, I’d check out our review of Card Crawl. Both Card Thief and Miracle Merchant all sort of seem to follow the same aesthetic, just with wildly different game design which, historically, I haven’t been able to get enough of.

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