Mighty Games’ ‘Questy Quest’ Combines Adventuring with a Familiar Golf Swing Mechanic

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Some of the best games on the App Store take a core mechanic that you might be super familiar with from all sorts of other games, then manages to repurpose that mechanic into something entirely new. Maybe they’ll even add some kind of RPG progression on top to keep you playing. That describes a bazillion games on mobile right now, but the most recent one that fits that description is Mighty Games’ new Questy Quest (Free).

At first glance, you might look at this as just another clicker, which is totally incorrect. Instead of gating progression beyond mindless tapping, the way you attack enemies that you come across along your (questy) quest is the same sort of mechanic you’ve likely been using for years in golfing games. You tap once to send your line moving along a path, then need to tap again when your targeting line is on top of targets (or coins). Each time you tap over a target you do damage based on your current gear load out. Miss, and you need to try again. This sounds odd, but I promise it’ll make sense in less than 30 seconds of watching the game’s trailer:

The level of polish in the game is exactly what we’ve come to expect of Mighty Games, and while I’m not far enough in the game to make many intelligent comments about how the freemium stuff shakes out, it’s the standard fair of coin earning and unlockables. If Questy Quest doesn’t suit your fancy, be sure to check out their other stuff on the App Store. Charming Keep (Free) and Charming Runes (Free) are both fantastic.

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