Legendary ‘Pokemon GO’ Moltres Is Now Ready for Your Raids

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Moltres, the latest Legendary Pokemon, is now virtually roaming in Pokemon GO (Free), so get ready to group up with others and find a Legendary Raid Battle. Before you start getting too excited, though, keep in mind that it’s very difficult to catch these Legendaries. As Rob talked about in a story the other day, each creature needs to first be defeated in a Legendary Raid Battle, which isn’t an easy thing to do within the time limit given. I’ve heard many people complain that it’s hard to even figure out who’s doing a Legendary Raid Battle unless you’ve already organized one with your friends. Also, Moltres will only be around until August 7th, which isn’t that long of a time to find a Legendary Raid Battle and to pull off the win. And add to these difficulties how you have pretty low chances of actually catching Moltres after defeating it, and you can see how tricky all this is.

These difficulties don’t seem to deter dedicated Pokemon GO Players judging from how July 23rd, the day when Niantic started releasing Legendary Pokemon, was apparently the game’s highest grossing day ever, with players spending approximately $5.8 million dollars worldwide according to Sensor Tower’s data. It goes to show how even though there are far fewer Pokemon GO players now than at launch, dedicated players aren’t afraid to get their credit cards out. Although I wonder if the recent blunder at the Chicago Fest will chase away some of those players. Go grab Moltres while you still can.

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