Civilization Building Card Game ‘Age of Rivals’ is 50% Off This Week

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Card drafting, civilization building game Age of Rivals ($3.99) came out last June at the bargain price of $.99. If you like digital card games, this one is definitely for you. It features strong, two-player strategic gameplay that gets better and better as you ascend the learning curve. You can play online or take on surprisingly good AI opponents and there are even alliances you can join—essentially Age of Rivals play groups.

The game also acts a lot like your standard CCG with missions to complete in order to earn in-game gold. Gold buys you packs to unlock more cards with which to play. Unlike other CCGs, however, Age of Rivals is a premium game and there are no in-app purchases. You’ll unlock all of the cards through normal play.

If you enjoy tactical card games now’s the time, Age of Rivals is half off through August 7. Two bucks is a steal for what is, for my money, one of the better card games of the year. Check out more info in our forums and make sure to pick this one up before the sale expires.

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