Stone Cold Classic ‘Jet Car Stunts’ Updated with 64-Bit Support, Resolution Fixes, and DLC Levels Included for Free

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With the iOS platform approaching a decade of existence, there are quite a few titles you could denote as classics when talking about the history of mobile gaming. Jet Car Stunts ($1.99) is without a doubt one of those titles. Launching in the fall of 2009 with the App Store still in its infancy, Jet Car Stunts married the unique capabilities of iOS devices with some seriously fun stunt track racing. There really was no greater feeling that launching your little digital rocket car into the air, spinning and twirling, and totally nailing the landing on the other side. Or finding some obscure shortcut that gives you a leg up on the highly competitive online leaderboards. Yes for some Jet Car Stunts was an obsession, and for me personally it brings back great memories of the early days of iOS gaming. However, 2009 was a LONG time ago, and the last significant update to Jet Car Stunts was way back in July of 2012 when the game received long-awiated Universal iPad support and some performance improvements. Well, with iOS 11 and its lack of support for 32-bit apps likely coming in just a couple of months, many fans were holding out hope that this oldie but goodie would get some 64-bit update love from developer True Axis. Today that update love has arrived.

Alongside the 64-bit support is some extra welcome additions. The game now properly supports all the various resolutions of the larger iOS devices that have come out since the last Jet Car Stunts update, and everything is looking nice and sharp on my iPhone 7 Plus. In an even cooler move True Axis has included the game’s DLC level pack for free. This pack of 26 additional levels launched back in July of 2010 and originally was a $1.99 IAP. Now the levels are free for all to enjoy. Additionally, the lite version of Jet Car Stunts has also been updated so there’s still a free way to try out this game if you haven’t before. The lite version levels are different from the ones in the paid game, but some time back they were added into the paid game as an extra level pack so you could literally have everything Jet Car Stunts all packed into a single app. Jet Car Stunts really is one of the best games in the entire history of the App Store, and nothing makes me happier than seeing it updated so it can live on for another day.

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