An Early Look at Telltale’s ‘The Walking Dead’ Final Season

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If you’re one of the many waiting for the final Telltale The Walking Dead (Free) season so you can wrap up a story that started many years ago, you might want to watch this brief video of Telltale developers talking more about the way they will develop the final season and how player decisions and feedback feed into the development of upcoming episodes. The developers admit that they develop the episodes while players are playing the season, which puts more pressure on the developers but also allows them to deliver the experiences players want. At the same time, it does make me wonder whose voice gets heard during this process.

There’s also a short video that talks about how important Clementine has become to the franchise and how she started up as something to worry about and become a symbol of hope. They go into more about Clementine’s development and evolution (which, of course, comes with spoilers), but it’s a great video for those who like the character and can’t wait to get to play her in the final season. We’ve seen parts of this video in the earlier Telltale announcement, but this time around we get a bit more context on the development side of the series.

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