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Old School Platformer ‘Sheep Frenzy 2: Arcade Rescuer’ Set to Flock to the App Store on August 10th

The first Sheep Frenzy! (Free) was a nice little arcade platformer that you may have missed when it released in April 2015. Sporting a colorful retro graphical design, and some classic gameplay that was essentially a modernised take on the ancient Game & Watch game Fire, Sheep Frenzy! made up for its relative scarcity in content for its abundant charm and humor. While it felt like the game kind of went under the radar somewhat, a sequel has today been announced to let its cast of fluffy mammals, and the heroic protagonist floating bar that saves the sheep from plummeting to their death, return to the touch screen with a vengeance. Sheep Frenzy 2: Arcade Rescuer features the same gameplay from its prequel but with even more content and a fresh new lick of paint, and ewe won’t want to miss it when it releases on August 10th.

There are numerous big questions that I’m sure will be occupying the minds of fans upon the announcement of Sheep Frenzy 2. Will the game be a baa-rilliant evolution on the formula from the first title, or is Sheep Frenzy 2 a woolly sequel that is just an excuse for rehash the same ideas to a new generation of mobile gamers? It seems the answer is somewhere between these two extremes – Sheep Frenzy 2 features 200 levels over ten worlds to unlock, with 16 special sheep and 32 upgrades to complete. The trailer showcases tribal sheep, ninja masked sheep, and even demonic swinging clown sheep, all of which have their own bizarre patterns when trying to cross this undisclosed chasm in the ground. A new cartoony graphical style replaces the pixel art of the original, and Apple TV and Apple Watch support are both nice additions, although the core gameplay and accessible controls remain the same as ever. It may make no attempts to break from the herd, but Sheep Frenzy 2 should be a fun arcade experience. If you’re interested, ram down to our forum thread for more information before its August 10th release.