Blizzard’s Dave Kosak Digs into Upcoming ‘Hearthstone’ Encounters

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One of the things I’ve been most curious of with the upcoming Hearthstone (Free) expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne, is how Blizzard is going to navigate the waters of their typical kooky tone with one of the ultimate evils of the Warcraft universe. Well, a video released by Blizzard earlier in the day featuring Dave Kosak explores that thought process, along with digging into what it’s actually going to be like participating in the upcoming single player content of the expansion.

As seen in the video, instead of going silly, Arthas will remain in character and instead just break the fourth wall. In a way, that solution is genius:

Additionally, it sounds like Arthas is going to be incredibly difficult. So much so that if you beat Arthas will all nine classes, you’ll unlock a special pre-Lich King-ification Arthas hero portrait to use in game. Considering what you need to pay or the hoops to jump through to get most of the other special heroes, I’m pretty excited for this.

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