Work of Art/Mini-Golf Game ‘Wonderputt’ Updated with Universal iPhone Support, 64-Bit Compatibility, and More

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I’m guessing most people would be familiar with UK developer Damp Gnat by way of their stunning surrealist platforming adventure Icycle: On Thin Ice ($2.99), but if you’ve been hanging around the App Store since around 2012 and have yourself an iPad then you might also be familiar with their also stunning and also surrealist mini-golf game Wonderputt (Free). Ah yes, Wonderputt. Originally released as a Flash game back in 2011, Wonderputt gives you just a single 18 hole course to play through, but that single course is a shape-shifting piece of art. As you complete each hole, various events happen that create new holes for you to play through on the huge structure, and it’s one of the most whimsical experiences I’ve ever had with a video game. Check out the (quite old) official trailer for Wonderputt just below to get an idea of what I’m talking about.

While Wonderputt may lack in quantity of courses compared to other mini-golf games, it more than made up for it with style, and the single course on offer was meant to be played, replayed, and perfected with both leaderboards and a set of achievements to unlock as added goals to shoot for. There’s also tiny rainbow bits that are added to the course on subsequent playthroughs which challenge you to play each hole in a slightly different way and will reward you for collecting them all. Basically, I’m saying don’t let the lack of holes scare you away, there’s more than enough to enjoy in Wonderputt as is and we really enjoyed it when it arrived on the iPad back in September of 2012. There was just one problem though: It was only on the iPad and as such there was a huge portion of the iOS device owning demographic that weren’t able to enjoy the wonder that is Wonderputt.

Well, that’s a problem no more! Practically out of nowhere Damp Gnat has released a new update for Wonderputt which adds in Universal iPhone support. There’s a new intelligent auto zoom which ensures you always have a good look at each hole you’re playing despite the smaller screen of the iPhone, and even better is the new functionality that lets you pull back to shoot anywhere on the screen instead of pulling back on the ball itself, which means you always have a clear look at where you’re aiming. You can also manually zoom in and out using normal pinch gestures if you want. I just played through a whole round of the updated version of Wonderputt and it was just fantastic. This update also fixes the Retina Display visuals on iPad Air and iPad Pro and adds iOS 11 64-bit support so it should be sticking around in the App Store for a long time.

It’s pretty much criminal that this game has ever only cost 99¢ especially now with the added iPhone support. So if you’ve missed out on Wonderputt previously now is a great time to fix that and you can check out 5 years worth of impressions in the game’s forum thread too. Or, if 99¢ is too rich a price to risk, you could always still play the entire Flash version for free on Kongregate.

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