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Stylish Twitch Platformer ‘Standby’ Makes Its Way from Steam to Mobile August 9th

People that know me know that I’m all about platforming games. From slower-paced exploratory adventure platformers to face-meltingly difficult twitch platformers and everything in between. Today we’ve gotten word that that latter form of platformer is heading to mobile next month in the form of Standby from HypeTrain Digital. Standby released on Steam back in January and seems to have garnered a positive reception. It most definitely does not look like a platformer for the faint of heart as you can see from the launch trailer for the desktop version of Standby.

What isn’t clear yet is just exactly how you’ll be controlling Standby on the touchscreen. Is this a virtual buttons situation? Or are the actions in the game streamlined enough to boil down to a couple of types of taps or swipes? Unfortunately that information wasn’t clear from the press release announcing an iOS version, but I’m eager to check out Standby all the same just based on how straight up awesome it looks. It’s set to arrive on the App Store on August 9th at a price of $3.99 so if you’re down for some punishing platforming be sure to check out Standby in just a couple of weeks.