‘Neo Scavenger Mobile’ Is Out, But the Monetization Is Not the Intended One Yet

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The brutal survival game Neo Scavenger Mobile (Free) has finally released on the App Store, but it looks like the monetization model isn’t the one the developer intended. The game is supposed to launch free with a $9.99 IAP that unlocks the full game, but right now the game costs $9.99. The developer is aware of this issue and it should be fixed soon, so by the time you read this, it might be back to normal. Once the monetization is fixed, you’ll be able to grab the game for free, but it will come with limited features and content. It should still be enough to help you figure out whether you want the full game or not, and if you’re even mildly interested in survival games, you’ll probably want to grab the full game.

Neo Scavenger Mobile is a survival game with permadeath that has you making some very difficult decisions. Since you need to keep yourself fed, rested, warm, and hydrated, you will have to make decisions like killing a sleeping survivor and stealing his supplies (or even carve him up for food). The game includes crafting, combat, realistic wounds, and a ton of other fun survival game features. And there’s a sandbox mode and a story mode as well. If you like survival games, you need to grab Neo Scavenger Mobile for sure. Enjoy the funny trailer made up of real in-game stories.

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