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‘Coco Crab’ Is an Upcoming Crustacean-Powered Spin on ‘Pang’

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Whether you call it Pang or Buster Brothers, chances are you’ve been digging all the Pang-likes on the App Store recently. Pang Adventures ($3.99) and The Bug Butcher ($3.99) are probably the two best one, but the upcoming Coco Crab is a cute spin on the Pang formula of splitting things and busting them, but this time around it’s crabs splitting their ultimate enemy: fruit(?).

Check out the trailer:

Coco Crab has a thread in our forums that just got posted, and our community seems excited for Coco Crab based on how well received the developer’s previous title, Fish & Trip (Free) was in our community. If you never played Fish & Trip, that is a game you should grab. It’s a single player agar.io-like, where you grow a school of fish.

Looking back at Fish & Trip and forward to Coco Crab, maybe Bloob Games’ entire schtick is taking game formulas that work well, and adding their own secret sauce to make them even cooler. We’ll see if that vibe persists when Coco Crab launches on August 3rd.


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